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Platform Points
Creating a true health care system (as opposed to a disease care system) by adding cost-effective, prevention-oriented health care programs that promote good health.

Education that develops the student's full potential through curriculum innovations proven to increase intelligence, creativity, and academic performance

Preventing crime --not warehousing criminals--that focus on the root cause of crime, the high levels of individual and societal stress.

Safeguarding America's food supply through sustainable, organic agricultural practices proven to produce healthy, high-quality food without hazardous chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Mandatory labeling and safety testing of genetically engineered foods, and a moratorium on the release of these experimental life-forms into the environment until proven safe

Protecting the environment through energy efficiency and the use of renewable, safe, nonpolluting energy sources such as wind and solar

Ending special interest control of our politics through (1) elimination of PACs and soft money, (2) public sponsorship of election campaigns, and (3) prevention of lobbying by former public servants on behalf of domestic and foreign interests

Promoting more prosperous and harmonious international relations by shifting our foreign policy away from the export of weapons towards the export of U.S. know-how and technical assistance in key areas, such as business, entrepreneurship, education, sustainable agriculture, and environmental technologies
About Us

Our Vision

Natural law, put quite simply, is nature's law, or nature's government, which nourishes the lives of over 8 million species in earth's complex ecosystem. These species coexist and evolve in magnificent concert, in an intricate web of mutual interdependence and mutual enrichment. Natural law is the organizing power that governs the universe. From the tiniest seed, to the beating of our hearts, to the stars in the galaxies, natural law is the seamless web that nourishes and connects us all.

The Natural Law Party vision is to bring national life into harmony with natural law, to align human government with nature's government. Our goal is to increase awareness, to enliven the consciousness of the individual in order to allow them to take full advantage of their full creative intelligence, their pure potentiality. We want to reawaken the experience and understanding of natural law in the individual as the only practical means to solving the serious problems facing our world.

Now it is impossible to break the laws of nature, but it is possible to control, dominate or manipulate nature in such a way that is not mutually beneficial or mutually enriching. Instead, we must learn to co-create with nature, with our environment in order to utilize this field of pure potentiality.

For example, the genetic manipulation of our food. The intent is to create better foods, to create higher yields, to create more environmentally friendly farming practices. Genetic engineering is mostly about manipulating, or controlling nature in order to achieve this intent. Instead, we should concentrate on co-creating our intent with nature, in harmony with the laws of nature. We do this through organic/sustainable agriculture practices, practices that nourish the soil, that take full advantage of insects, birds, weeds, the water and sunlight in order to co-create the best possible foods.

This is but one example of co-creating solutions to our problems. We can also think about co-creating a healthy person, co-creating a truly educated individual, co-creating sustainable energy, co-creating foreign policy with other nations and so on.

Our focus is on the individual, with the end goal to provide the tools necessary to be more self-governing. We do this by teaching about the whole, or the unified field and how each individual action or thought interacts with the whole in order to co-create a better world.

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