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Platform Points
Creating a true health care system (as opposed to a disease care system) by adding cost-effective, prevention-oriented health care programs that promote good health.

Education that develops the student's full potential through curriculum innovations proven to increase intelligence, creativity, and academic performance

Preventing crime --not warehousing criminals--that focus on the root cause of crime, the high levels of individual and societal stress.

Safeguarding America's food supply through sustainable, organic agricultural practices proven to produce healthy, high-quality food without hazardous chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Mandatory labeling and safety testing of genetically engineered foods, and a moratorium on the release of these experimental life-forms into the environment until proven safe

Protecting the environment through energy efficiency and the use of renewable, safe, nonpolluting energy sources such as wind and solar

Ending special interest control of our politics through (1) elimination of PACs and soft money, (2) public sponsorship of election campaigns, and (3) prevention of lobbying by former public servants on behalf of domestic and foreign interests

Promoting more prosperous and harmonious international relations by shifting our foreign policy away from the export of weapons towards the export of U.S. know-how and technical assistance in key areas, such as business, entrepreneurship, education, sustainable agriculture, and environmental technologies
Purpose For The Natural Law Party and our members to experience our full potential and abundance.
Recognition Nothing is too difficult for Universal Mind. Universal Mind works in, through, and around us all.
Unification I am one with the Universal Mind. We are all one with the Universal Mind. We act as one harmonious force, working in alignment with Natural Law.
Realization The Natural Law Party experiences abundant growth in membership, financial support and participation. More and more people hear about the Natural Law Party and the party platform every day. Universal Mind guides our decisions and actions towards Natural Law, harmony, and peace. The party and its members prosper and we become a light to everyone we meet upon our path.
Thanks I am grateful to the Universal Force for manifesting our intentions here today. Thank you Spirit for all that the Natural Law Party brings to our lives, community, country, world, and universe.
Release I release these words to the universe where they are manifested. And so it is.
  1. Individuals/citizens hearing the NLP message immediately resonate with its Truth.
  2. Americans are open and ready for a change; they fully embrace the Truth that the Natural Law Party has to offer. They are fully charged to become personally and financially involved to support change.

  3. What qualities are desired?

  4. The Natural Law Party of Colorado is a natural and noble nexus as our nation acknowledges that nations necessarily need neighborhoods now.
  5. The Natural Law Party of Colorado lawfully leads large leagues of locals towards liberty and light.
  6. The Natural Law Party of Colorado is a political party that poetically and prosperously propagates peace.
  7. The Natural Law Party of Colorado creatively contacts citizens of Colorado causing capital concern, crowded caucuses, comprehensive change and celestial celebrations.
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