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Platform Points
Creating a true health care system (as opposed to a disease care system) by adding cost-effective, prevention-oriented health care programs that promote good health.

Education that develops the student's full potential through curriculum innovations proven to increase intelligence, creativity, and academic performance

Preventing crime --not warehousing criminals--that focus on the root cause of crime, the high levels of individual and societal stress.

Safeguarding America's food supply through sustainable, organic agricultural practices proven to produce healthy, high-quality food without hazardous chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Mandatory labeling and safety testing of genetically engineered foods, and a moratorium on the release of these experimental life-forms into the environment until proven safe

Protecting the environment through energy efficiency and the use of renewable, safe, nonpolluting energy sources such as wind and solar

Ending special interest control of our politics through (1) elimination of PACs and soft money, (2) public sponsorship of election campaigns, and (3) prevention of lobbying by former public servants on behalf of domestic and foreign interests

Promoting more prosperous and harmonious international relations by shifting our foreign policy away from the export of weapons towards the export of U.S. know-how and technical assistance in key areas, such as business, entrepreneurship, education, sustainable agriculture, and environmental technologies

The Idea:
The only means of providing people with healthy, nutritious foods is by working in harmony with nature through sustainable, organic agriculture.

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The Problem:
"If you reach out and grab a hold of some part of nature - and give it a little tug, you discover that that part is connected to everything else in the universe." - Join Muir, environmentalist and naturalist. This applies to our environment, our own physiology, and on the subtlest level - even the inner workings of the cell.

That's where genetic engineering operates - at the level of the cell. Genetic engineers work off of the premise that genetic engineering is a precise introduction of one single new gene that then gives rise to one new change. But this model doesn't work because life is not this little set of isolated boxes, it is an interconnected, lively, rich fabric. If you change one thing, you are also going to alter a myriad of other elements of that living organism and its ecosystem. This is what has been forgotten with genetic engineering.

Taking a gene from one organism and splicing it into another, in many cases crossing even plant-animal natural reproductive barriers, is not the same as natural reproduction. What researchers are doing with genetic engineering is intentionally breaking down the genetic barriers put in place by nature over millions of years. Genetic engineering techniques look to control, to manipulate, to dominate nature rather than work in harmony with nature to produce the best possible foods.

A Solution:
  1. The labeling of all foods containing genetically engineered ingredients. Consumers have a right to know whether their foods contain these manipulated ingredients.
  2. Mandatory safety testing of all genetically modified organisms prior to their release into the environment. Currently, only voluntary safety tests are conducted by the industry. Long-term safety tests should be conduced to determine the impacts on human health and the environment.
  3. Farmer protections, protecting farmers who have chosen not to plant genetically modified crops from legal action by the industry in cases where genetic contamination has occurred.
  4. Industry liability, holding the biotech industry liable for any health, environmental or financial impacts caused by genetically modified organisms.
  5. Banning the patenting of life. Many nations around the world have such a requirement.
  6. Sustainable, organic agriculture. Truly the best way to provide the most nutritious foods in a sustainable way, supporting our farmers, is through organic agriculture and the vendors who sell these healthful foods without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or genetic engineering. This method works in harmony with nature, co-creating with nature the best possible solution for generations to come. Every time we eat, we can vote.

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