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Platform Points
Creating a true health care system (as opposed to a disease care system) by adding cost-effective, prevention-oriented health care programs that promote good health.

Education that develops the student's full potential through curriculum innovations proven to increase intelligence, creativity, and academic performance

Preventing crime --not warehousing criminals--that focus on the root cause of crime, the high levels of individual and societal stress.

Safeguarding America's food supply through sustainable, organic agricultural practices proven to produce healthy, high-quality food without hazardous chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Mandatory labeling and safety testing of genetically engineered foods, and a moratorium on the release of these experimental life-forms into the environment until proven safe

Protecting the environment through energy efficiency and the use of renewable, safe, nonpolluting energy sources such as wind and solar

Ending special interest control of our politics through (1) elimination of PACs and soft money, (2) public sponsorship of election campaigns, and (3) prevention of lobbying by former public servants on behalf of domestic and foreign interests

Promoting more prosperous and harmonious international relations by shifting our foreign policy away from the export of weapons towards the export of U.S. know-how and technical assistance in key areas, such as business, entrepreneurship, education, sustainable agriculture, and environmental technologies
Our Platform

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Our current health care system in America is nothing more than a disease care system, who is going to pay for who's illness and disease. The Natural Law Party supports prevention-oriented health care, holistic health care, one that significantly reduce health care costs while at the same time creating a healthier individual.

Our current education system focuses on the known, or the content of knowledge, throwing more and more information at the student without providing them with the ability to absorb that information. The Natural Law Party focuses on the knower, the learner, providing them with the tools necessary to take in the information by teaching them from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

Crime and rehabilitation in this country means nothing more than warehousing criminals, reacting to crime. Instead we should be preventing crime by focusing on the root cause of crime, and that is individual and social stress. The Natural Law Party supports programs that have been scientifically proven to significantly reduce social and individual stresses, thereby preventing the outbreak of crime.

Equal Rights
The Natural Law Party will take action wherever necessary to prevent discrimination and ensure the constitutionally guaranteed rights and liberties of all American citizens. However, more than that, we will support effective education that expands comprehension and overcomes intolerance, prejudice, and bigotry born of narrow-mindedness.

Election Reform
Many Americans feel that government has grown into a self-serving, self-perpetuating partisan body that neither reflects nor recognizes their desires. The Natural Law Party supports election reforms that will ensure equal access to constituents such as public financing of elections; equal access to the media; equal and fair ballot access; making election day a federal holiday, shortening the campaign season; allowing national initiatives and promoting proportional representation.

Conventional agriculture in the United States, which is subsidized by the government, is not sustainable, does not provide the healthiest possible product, and pollutes the environment. The Natural Law Party promotes sustainable, organic agriculture, agriculture that works in harmony with nature, co-creating with nature to provide the best possible food that will improve health and protect the environment.

Genetically Modified Organisms
There is a growing concern about the genetic engineering of our food supply, from consumers, scientists, religous leaders and farmers. This technology looks to control, to dominate, to manipulate nature, breaking down natural barriers, rather than working in harmony with nature to produce the best quality food possible. The Natural Law Party advocates for the labeling of genetically engineered foods, that these foods go through rigorous safety tests, that adequate farmer protections be established, and that the industry be held liable for damages to human health and the environment caused by genetically modified organisms.

Animal Advocacy
The explosion of confined animal feeding operations, or factory farms, has increased livestock concentrations, intense confinement, and separation of animals from their natural environments. Animals are being unnecessarily used for toxicity testing, product testing, pharmaceutical testing, inhumane entertainment, organ factories and pharmaceutical factories. At the very basis of ALL living things is the unified field of energy, an energy field that binds us ALL together, all that exists in the universe. The Natural Law Party supports policies that ensure the humane treatment of animals including research into human nutrition and dietary needs, eliminate factory farms, advocate the use of computer modeling and alternative research technologies, end the use and need for animal organ transplants, bans the use of rBGH in milk production, and strengthens and fully enforces the Endangered Species Act.

Current US policies in the area of energy promotes the continued dependence on oil, whether foreign or domestic makes no difference. The standard of living and the economic vitality of the United States depend on the increasing availability of inexpensive, clean, renewable sources of energy that will provide for our energy needs and at the same time promoting good health and a healthy environment.

Current subsidies to polluters are destroying our environment, subsidies to non-renewable energy sources, factory farms, conventional agriculture that uses toxic chemicals, the logging industry, the livestock industry, the automobile industry and the chemical industry. The Natural Law Party supports the elimination of such subsidies, promoting renewable energy, alternatives to the use of lumber such as hemp, sustainable/organic agriculture, research into energy efficiency and requiring the industry to pay for the cleanup of pollution they produce.

The Natural Law Party envisions a flourishing national economy in which no citizen suffers from economic hardship; America's businesses are highly competitive in the international marketplace; and the tax burden is significantly decreased, enabling everyone to enjoy greater prosperity and a higher standard of living.

Foreign Policy
As we sow, so shall we reap. The United States Government sows the seeds of death, destruction, violence, stress and tension all around the world through its military and business policies and support of the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and the IMF; is the number one arms dealer in the world; and our number one export is military support. The Natural Law Party supports more harmoneous and life-supporting international relations by co-creating with developing nations solutions that are sustainable and create independence, and by exporting not destructive know-how, but entrepenuership know-how in areas such as consciousness-based education, sustainable/organic agriculture, preventative/natural health care and sustainable business practices that nourish and promote life.

Creating Peace
Research shows that terrorism is fueled by deep-seated social stress - including acute racial, ethnic, and religious tensions. Yet the United States continues to rely on outdated approaches to combating terrorism which includes the use of more force and the creation of more violence, death, destruction, stress and tension. The Natural Law Party supports The Invincible Defense Technology, a scientifically verified approach to reduce terrorism, crime and warfare that diffuses such stress, disarming terrorism at its very basis, and thereby preventing terrorist attacks before they begin.

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